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Su-an is the deuteragonist of Train to Busan.

She is protrayed by Kim Susan.


She is Seok-woo and Nayoung's daughter, but they divorced. Although she doesn't like it, Susan is accustomed to her father's little presence because of his work. She got a Wii from her father, which was the same gift from children's day. She also forgot a part of the Hawaiian song "Aloha O'e" that she performed at her school's recital although her father watched the recording of the recital. For her birthday, all she really wanted was to go see her mom in Busan.

Seok-woo then, against his better judgement, takes her to see Nayoung in Busan via an early KTX; where an infected woman is. Onboard, she meets Sang-hwa & Seong-kyeong, a husband and a wife, when she wanted to go to the toilet. She and her father then notice the panic that sets in and both go in a car where she finds Sang-hwa and his wife. With the train stopped at Daejeon station, Seok-woo takes the east exit with his daughter. When she learns that the passengers will be in quarantine, she wants to warn them, but Seok-woo replies that now it's everyone for themselves. Sad, she tells him that he only cares about himself and it was because of his selfishness that her mother left him. At this moment, the army supposed to protect the passengers, is revealed to be infected and attacks everyone. Susan is separated from her father and is in a group with Seong-kyeong, In-gil and the homeless man.

Back on the train, the four must hide in the bathroom. Susan uses Seong-kyeong's phone to ask Sang-hwa to come and help them. The latter save them with Seok-woo and Yong-guk and are then chased by the zombies. The passengers in the other car prevent them from entering, which worries Susan who begins to cry. However, they manage to get in and Sang-hwa and In-gil die in the process.

Rejected by the passengers, the group went to the hall and witnessed the other passenger's death. After hearing the conductor who said that he will change of locomotive, As the group leaves the vestibule at East Daegu station. a train collision gets Susan, her father, Seong-kyeong and the homeless man stranded. They notice infected passengers in this wagon and the homeless man sacrifices himself so that the three can flee in time.

The three then run to the locomotive launched by the conductor and they find Yong-suk, infected. After a brief fight, Seok-woo throws him off the train but he is infected too. He places Su-an and Seong-kyeong in the main cabin, instructs Seong-kyeong how to stop the train, Su-an to stay with Seong-kyeong and prepares to goodbye to his daughter who refuses to let him go, but is ultimately forced to when Seok-woo makes her let go. She tries to get her father not to abandon her by trying to go with him, but Seok-woo closes the door. Susan then starts banging on the window and starts yelling stuff like "Daddy!", & "Don't go!" while crying, but Seong-kyeong keeps on hugging her whilst crying herself just so she can let her father go. Seok-woo, who is thinking about the birth of his daughter and in the process of becoming a full fledged zombie, jumps off the train with a smile while Susan just screams for her papa & Seong-kyeong hugs her. This action leaves both Susan and Seong-kyeong to continue the road to Busan on their own. When the duo finally reach their destination, they get off the locomotive due to a blockage and go through a tunnel, where on the other side, military snipers are prepared to fire. While the pair are walking, Susan finishes the song she wanted to sing for her father while clinging onto Seong-Kyeong and the two are finally rescued by Korean soldiers. It's unknown what happened to both Su-an and Seong-kyeong, but it is assumed they made it to Busan, and escaped at the beginning of Peninsula. It's also unlikely tha Susan ever reunited with Nayoung and extremely likely Seong-kyeong adopted her.


  • She is about the same age as Joonji from Peninsula