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Seok-woo was a fund manager and the main protagonist of Train to Busan.

He is protrayed by Gong Yoo.


He's a divorced fund manager obsessed by his work and cares little about his daughter, Su-an. This is what is shown when he offers her a Wii for her birthday which was the same gift as that of Korea's Children's Day. Su-an then asks him to take her to Busan to see her momma, which Seok-woo begrudgingly accepts.

It is on board the train that Seok-woo will really care about Su-an and do everything to prevent anything happening to her. He keeps her close to him on the way to Daejeon. However, Seok-woo tells her that she should only think about herself. He and his daughter took the east exit, while the others took the main exit, but the homeless man decides to come with Seok-woo and Su-an because the others will be placed in quarantine. Seok-woo tells his girl that its everyone for themselves.

Disappointed with his selfish attitude, Su-an sadly says that her father only cares about himself. She then says that this selfishness is what caused Nayoung to leave. He tells Su-an to remain put, while he searches for help. Seeing the infected army at Daejeon station, when the homeless man saw a military soldier, he runs up to him that he needs help, but is shown infected and got attacked by the infected military. Seok-woo turns back and runs up to Su-an that he realizes that she is about to get attack by a zombie, while he's running to her, Sang-hwa shows up and hits the zombie with his elbow. Seok-woo is separated from his daughter and meets Sang-hwa and Yong-guk

He allies with them to fight the zombies and join his daughter as well as Seong-kyeong, the wife of Sang-hwa and Jin-hee, Yong-guk's friend. However, when they all wanted to join the other passengers, Yong-suk, a wealthy yet selfish businessman, blocked the door of the car.

It will have cost the life of Sang-hwa and In-gil, an old woman, which pushes Seok-woo to hit Yong-suk in the face after he and the others finally got into the car.

They're then rejected when passengers think they are infected and the group goes to the front hall. Later, Seok-woo learns by his associate Kim, that his company is partially responsible of the virus, what makes him cry. The train then brutally stops to East Daegu station and the conductor announces he's going to change of locomotive. Seok-woo, Su-an and the others go out of the hall, trying to get on the other locomotive.

He, Su-an, Seong-kyeong and the homeless man are then stuck under a car after a train collision. The car that stuck them is full of zombies that are going to break glasses. Seok-woo manages to get his daughter and Seong-kyeong out, but the homeless man sacrifices himself to save them some time.

The three then locate the locomotive started by the conductor and climb aboard. After they go on board, the zombies started to hold down the locomotive which causes it to slow down, Seok-woo manages it by stomping and kicking their hands. All of the zombies start to lose their grip thanks to Seok-woo stomping & kicking. After Seok-woo, Seong-kyeong, and Su-an, got away from all those zombies, they then notice Yong-suk (who is infected), who attack them. Seok-woo prevents him from killing the girls but is bitten himself. He manages to get rid of him by throwing him from the locomotive and places Su-an and Seong-kyeong in the cabin. He explains to Seong-kyeong how to brake the vehicle and tells Su-an that she has to stay with Seong-kyeong, no matter what happens. He also explains that it'll be super safe in Busan. Su-an tries to convince her dad not to leave her by holding onto his arm, however Seok-woo manages to get Su-an to let him go. Su-an then tries to stop her dad from leaving, but he leaves the cabin, closes the door, crying, goes to the back of the locomotive, and thinks back to the birth of his daughter while being infected all the while, Su-an cries for her dad not to leave her. He then smiles and jumps off the locomotive, in an attempt to escape. It is unknown if he died in the fall or is still alive, but as a zombie


  • He was the last person that got infected in the film.
  • The reason why Seok-woo jumped off the locomotive is because he didn't want to infect both his daughter and Seong-kyeong.
  • Seok-woo's ex-wife never seen during the movie.
  • After he fell from the train, he is most likely near Busan's train tracks as a zombie but he remains now as a mystery.