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Sang-hwa is a Tetartagonist in Train to Busan.

He is protrayed by Ma Dong-seok.


He is a worker married to a pregnant woman, Seong-kyeong who takes the same train as Seok-woo, for Busan. While his wife is in the bathroom, Sang-hwa tells Su-an, Seok-woo's daughter, to go to another car.

Later, because of a stowaway woman, the train passengers begin to be infected and attack people. Sang-hwa briefly fights with one of the infected and locks him in the toilet.

All the passengers gathered in a single car and Seok-woo closed the door on Sang-hwa and his wife. For good reason, Sang-hwa develops an aversion to him and even tried to hit him before being stopped by Seong-kyeong.

The train then stops to Daejeon station and Sang-hwa goes out with his wife. However, they and the other passengers quickly turned around when they saw the infected army.

Sang-hwa is separated from Seong-kyeong and goes on a car with Seok-woo and Yong-guk, a teenager. He is the one who decides how to fight the zombies to join his wife and Seok-woo's daughter. They finally find them and runs to the car where the other passengers are while they're chased by the infected. With Seok-woo, Sang-hwa blocks the door to not make zombies enter to wagon 14 while the others try to enter into Car 15 where the other passengers were. However, the passengers feared they are infected. Losing time, Sang-hwa forces Seek Woo who was helping him to leave. He asks her to take good care of Seong-kyeong. The zombies eventually break the glass door into wagon 14. Sang-hwa holds the zombies long enough to give the others time to force open the door to wagon 15 where all the passengers were sheltered before the zombies overwhelm him

He later transforms into one of the zombies.Later, the train overturns, it is unknown whether the infected San Hwa died